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Forever Baby - a short free download that affirms the depth of love and loss felt by most mothers after a miscarriage.  A powerful gift by a mom who just wants others to know that the miscarriage of a loved baby changes everything.   Healing Hearts eShop


Shattered Dreams: How Family and Friends Can Help After a Baby Dies - This 12 minute video gives specific suggestions on how to help parents suffering a loss, whether miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death including SIDS.  $8 for the download.  Healing Hearts eShop

I Hardly Knew You: What Happens Next?  As soon as parents hear the bad news that their baby has died or will die shortly, this 19 minute video created by Sherokee can offer a calm reassurance that parents can make it.   Ms. Ilse and one other couple discuss what is to come, why making the best personal, fully informed decision is important.   Suggestions such as going home for a bit to place calls, plan for the hospital, work with a Parent Advocate/Baby Loss Doula to create a birth plan and so much more are offered.   $10 for a download.  Due to the need for personal support, we prefer to have this available at the clinic, hospital, or other place where a professional can sit with the parents the first time through.   Healing Hearts eShop

The anguish of lossThe Anguish of Loss by Julie Fritsch is the ultimate tool to help people understand that the death of a baby at an time in pregnancy or afterwards is like any other loss when it comes to the need to grieve deeply.  After all, the parents will always hold this child in their family and in their hearts.  Julie's incredible sculptures move you to deep places. No words needed.  A wonderful affirming DVD for support groups and especially for training staff and others about the feelings and process of the bereaved.  It can be rented or purchased.   Healing Hearts eShop

Picture of a Lifetime, by Suzanne Pullen offers a pictorial history of beloved babies who were photographed after death.  The narrative is of mothers who share their experiences and feelings about the importance of having pictures of their babies in death.   Beautiful and encouraging.  A great tool for professionals and families who seek reassurance about picture-taking of even small babies.