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About Us

 Sherokee Ilse                 Bio

 President, Wintergreen Press and Babies Remembered

 Co-founder, Loss Doulas International

 International speaker, author, parent advocate, bereaved parent

 Parent Advocate of the Year Award, 2012 International Stillbirth Conference, Baltimore

 Board Member, ISPID and Former Board Member, ISA

 Steering Committee Member, ASAP Coalition (Action on Stillbirth   Awareness and Prevention)

Ms. Ilse, founder of this website, has been there and understands from a parent's perspective what it means to have babies die too soon.  

Her first baby (Marama) was miscarried at about 12-weeks, her son Brennan died two days prior to birth at fullterm, and her third loss was an ectopic pregnancy (Bryna).  Thankfully, she has two living sons.

Ms. Ilse has been a parent advocate and a change agent since within months of her second loss in 1981.  She is the author of the book, Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Early Infant Death, one of the first self-help guides written to be given to parents as soon as the bad news is delivered.  Since that time she has authored/co-authored 16 more books and booklets on the subject of loss and healing.  One book, Remembering with Love, is written for families whose loved one has matter the age.

Over the years, Sherokee has become a well-known and respected international speaker, trainer, author, and parent advocate.  She has also written many articles, poems and been on Oprah, Donahue and many regional and local television and radio shows.  As a parent advocate first, Sherokee is always looking through that prism as she interacts with medical professionals, researchers, other support people, and the community; her goal has been to help improve the care and compassion for families while supporting those who give such care. 

The Rest of Our Team

We have found like-minded, compassionate, and informed parent advocates and professionals to become our consultants and trainers.  They carry forward our mission in ways that honor their own skills, talents, and passions.

Sue Steen,RN, BSN, MS


Nursing instructor, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN
 Perinatal Nurse Navigator, Maple Grove Hospital
 Former Hospital Perinatal Loss Coordinator
 Birth Planner
 Baby Loss Doula Trainer, Advisory Member


Lori Martini 
Bereaved Parent, Consultant, Trainer, Parent Advocate
Creator - Healing From the Start Manual for Hospital Caregivers

 Baby Loss Doula Trainer and Advisory Member




Suzanne Helzer, RNC
Perinatal Loss Coordinator, Banner Desert Hospital, Phoenix

RTS Coordinator, Trainer
Childbirth Educator
Support Group Leader

Baby Loss Doula Trainer, Advisory Member



Jenna PetroJenna Petro
Bereaved Parent, Consultant, Parent Advocate
Baby Loss Family Advisor Candidate and Social Media Coordinator