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 This is a relatively short list of the many, many resources on miscarriage, stillbirth, and early infant death.  For a more extensive list, you can get our 29 page #14-15 Resources eZine in the Healing Hearts eShop.

We are continually adding...if you think something really needs to be here, email us.  


Websites, Organizations, Online Stores,Support... -- Provides education, advocacy, public awareness of stillbirth. Assists families and medical professionals dealing with the death of a baby.

AngelNamesAssociation.orgNonprofit organization that assists families of stillborn children with financial assistance for end-of-life expenses and counseling services, and funding for stillbirth research. – the best online bookstore on infant loss, offers support materials & resources for those who have been touched by a crisis in pregnancy or the death of a baby. Jewelry, gifts, ornaments, baby announcement cards, literature, music, etc. -- website of Wintergreen Press (the Healing Hearts Shop) which offers self-help books for families and Sherokee Ilse & Associates which provides professional consulting to help hospitals and others offer the ‘Gold Standard’ of care.   Support materials and people to help bereaved families and their care givers. - Find well trained bereaved parents and professionals who can help guide, mentor, advise, navigate, and understand newly bereaved from as early on as newgiving and throughout the process of birth, meeting, saying goodbye and beyond.   Also a site where people can learn about being trained and certified. -- an online outreach to parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis.
an online outreach to parents who have received a poor or difficult prenatal diagnosis.             – the best online bookstore on grief and bereavement – children, grandparents, pets, and so much more. -- ministers to women and families who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, early-infant death, or women who struggle with infertility or who are post-abortive.

FacesofLoss.orgPutting a face on miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal and other infant losses.   Voices of Loss Pen-Pal Program links baby loss mothers, fathers, or grandparents together. Stories are shared, support is offered helping people feel less alone.  Visitors can search for experiences like their own with an easy search tool. -- A place where those coping with serious illness or the death of a child can find hope and strength for the future. -- (800) 221-7437 (24/7 Helpline). Promotes research on causes and prevention, responds to parents, families, professionals, and the general public seeking information and support on stillbirth and SIDS. - "The Funeral Services Guide is a UK based organisation established with the specific aim of providing the bereaved with an all-encompassing, yet practical approach to arranging a funeral, while also coping with the difficult issues associated with bereavement." – A great internet perinatal bereavement store with many resources, memorial products, advice, and links that can help with perinatal loss – A forum for dads who have had a child die to connect and grow. -- Pregnancy and infant loss support, pen pal support and so much more. -- A resource network of parents, professionals, and supportive volunteers that offers a variety of services throughout Northern California and the Central Valley.

Hannah’s Prayer ( -- An organization with Christian emphasis, concentrating on infertility or the loss of a child any time from conception through infancy. Local support chapters, newsletter and pen pal connections. -- Promotes guidance for medical caregivers on how to help families when a baby dies.  A must have for all caregivers who want reminders and additional ideas on how to help families.   Offer a free downloadable manual to help caregivers be reminded of specifics on how to help families in the hospital at the time of their loss. - An online shop that offers gifts, jewelry, beaded items, books, booklets, A-V, and packets for Loss Doulas International Certification candidates   Created by Sherokee Ilse, accepting consignment artists. -- Dedicated to providing grief support and services to parents who are suffering as the result of the death of their child or children.

Heaven' -- Specializes in providing small baby caskets and burial products for families suffering the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or preemie death. -- Seeks to ease the shared emotional, psychological, and financial duress common during times of loss and crisis for job seekers, couples experiencing loss and or obstacles to building their families, and their friends and family members.  Hope to help eliminate their feelings of hopelessness, isolation, and shame, and replace them with renewed hope, opportunity, and a sense of empowerment to control the outcome of their own destinies. -- A loss resource site. -- Offers a wealth of information for those who have been impacted by the grief of pregnancy loss. -- Nonprofit organization that is dedicated to offering support, education and resources to parents, families, friends and professionals on the death of a child in early pregnancy (miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, etc) or from stillbirth, premature birth, neo-natal death, birth defects, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), illness, accidents, and all other types of infant & early childhood death. -- International Stillbirth Alliance An international coalition of organizations founded by stillbirth parents, it promotes research, raises awareness, educates, and is a network of support for bereaved families. -- International Society for the Study and Prevention of Perinatal and Infant Death   Leaders in the world in discovering evidence-based preventative measures for stillbirth and sudden infant death.  Promotes educational workshops/training and holds biennial conferences. Certifies Baby Loss Doulas and Postpartum Loss Doulas who act as companions/parent’s advocates to newly bereaved after the hearing the news that their baby has, or will, die and during the rest of the process of meeting and saying goodbye to their baby.  (Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death) – A Christian, non-profit organization that reaches out to families who have suffered the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death.

Miscarriage Association (UK)

Miscarriage Association (US)  –A charity offering support and information for anyone affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy. -- A nonprofit international organization which provides immediate and ongoing support to grieving families after the loss of a baby. Has support groups, projects, initiatives and so much more. --  Foundation's mission is to provide resources and support for families that have experienced: pregnancy loss, infant loss, infertility or adoption and to advocate for comprehensive, patient-focused prenatal care for all women. - Transforming our societies response to pregnancy and infant loss – Offers Support (siblings, parents including ceremony/ritual guidance, grandparents, and community), outreach, free consultations, and more.  - a ministry to parents who have experienced the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy or early infancy. Provides information for families, friends, and care providers, including local support groups and other resources, as well as provides support through monthly support group meetings, online forums, and through care packages provided to local hospitals and doctors' offices.  Focused on the greater Columbia, South Carolina, but moving to other locations in South Carolina and other states as well.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- The mission of Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc. is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby though early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few months of life. They offer FREE baby loss grief packets, a support website, chat room, grief information and many resources to newly bereaved families…as well as caregivers.  -- Touch up photography offered in many communities during the hospital experience.   Also offers online Bereaved Family Forum. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is honored to offer all families an online source for support and healing. 

Online support group  --  Christian support online. -- For families who wish to continue their pregnancies with babies whose lives are expected to be brief.

Perinatal Loss Alert Program -   A simple business card with an accompanying letter of support and explanation offer a brilliant solution to the trauma that often comes going back for the first OB appointment after a baby has died. The card can be handed to the receptionist alerting her to the situation and offering six easy ideas on what she/the staff can do to help.  Some of the advice includes: TAKE me to an exam room right away, ASK about my baby, I am, and forever wil be, a PARENT, and more.  Very affordable, these cards should be given to families when they leave the hospital or put in with a follow-up note or letter soon after the loss. -- have professional standards for care of bereaved on their website, offers support to perinatal professionals and parent advocates

Pregnancy Loss Australia -- (formerly known as Teddy Love Club) A national support program for bereaved families who suffer the loss of their baby or babies from miscarriage, stillbirth, termination for foetal abnormality and neo natal loss through our early support program and professional support services. The program is the original bear giving program in Australia established 26th October 2002 in Adelaide, donating teddy bears and complete care packages to families who suffer the loss of their baby's in the hope the bear may help to ease the pain of leaving the hospital with such empty arms.   They  provide parents with a helpline, care packages, support group, professional counseling, newsletter, library and more. (Australia)   Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Loss Support -- (United Kingdom) The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity supports anyone affected by the death of a baby and promotes loss research. – (New Zealand) Support, internet and group, literature, memory-making and more. - Has over 1000 documents on SIDS including information on research, sleeping positions, Apnea, vaccinations, seratonin and so much more. – (Australia) Researches causes and provides support for bereaved families and community education to reduce incidence of SIDS and stillbirth. Offers bereavement support and counseling for families who have experienced stillbirth or the sudden and unexpected death of a child, whatever the cause, from 20 weeks gestation to 6 years of age.   -- Nonprofit that raises funds and awareness so that better technology, education, and research are available to families and health care providers.  Funds raised by the Star Legacy Foundation support stillbirth research and education projects. Collaborates with other organizations extensively, and has many collective efforts recognize many precious stars who have left their own legacies. - Provides perinatal hospice, bereavement support, and specially designed memory-making materials for parents who experience the loss of a baby or child. -- Non-profit that assists bereaved parents with the financial expenses in making final arrangements for their precious baby who has died. Many of the founders and volunteers are bereaved parents who want to support newly bereaved parents in their time of devastating sorrow. Financial support for funeral expenses – working to create chapters in every state. -- SOFT supports families with babies who have Trisom 13, 18 and related disorders. -- Offers decision-making help, support, research, awareness and education.  Help for families, friends, and professionals.  Funds research, works toward prevention, shares up-to-date information.  -- A Kansas City MO support group that helps bereaved mothers who have babies dies during pregnancy or infancy. - To provide assistance to those who have lost a young child in the NJ area in addition to providing online resources for families all around the world. 



     Gowns: (wedding dresses sewn into christening/burial gowns)

 Slow it Down/Birth Planning   (video, literature, and Birth Planners –family scholarships available)

   I Hardly Knew You...What Happens Next?  video

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep         

Caskets, Cremains containers, and gifts          

Elysian (Forever bracelets)         MyForever       Jewelry for the   Glass

Music (for Memorial Services and beyond) (Paul Alexander)           Musical (Tami Briggs, harpist)   Music By (Naomi Arnold, pianist, composer, soloist)


Memory-making/Jewelry and Other Memory Ideas  (free/minimal priced sweet, small pillows for miscarriage)  - many jewelry options and so much more

Black and white bands to honor those who have passed on.  


Mama Mia Hand Stamped Jewelry creates personalized, one of a kind jewelry that is customized to fit your needs. Most of the designs you see here can be created in various metals such as sterlilng silver, gold fill, and copper.


Remembering Our Babies Memorial Keepsake Boutique


Custom, personal creations from wood, paper, glass, ribbon and love. I like to think my shop encompasses the sacred connection between remembrance and hope through the support of those affected by pregnancy and infant loss.


Painted pebbles & beads, inspired by beauty, sadness, loss, hope and everything in-between.


Heaven's Nursery provides free online memorials to grieving parents


Have your baby's name inscribed in our "BOOK OF LIFE". Here, a candle is always lit in their memory. 


Held Your Whole Life offers stamped jewelry with baby's name on it.


Jewelry Keepsakes carries a complete selection of memorial jewelry and keepsakes to honor loved ones who have died.  Hhearts, mens keepsakes, family themed pendants and cremation rings/bracelets provide a discreet and personal memorial along with comfort.  Photo engraved pendants honor those no longer with us in addition to celebrating children, family and friends that share our life.


Light a candle in memory of your Angel Baby


CarlyMarie: Project Heal writes babies names in the sand abd beautiful beach related art in Australia. The photos are beautiful and so personal. She offers so much more.


Lost for Words Card Line specializes in Pregnancy Loss, Infant Loss, and Infertility cards




A Small Number of Loss Facebook Groups

Angel Babies

Angel Babies Graphics

Angel Babies In Heaven

Angel Graphics

Angels Gone Born Sleeping, But Still in Our Hearts

Babies Remembered

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CarlyMarie Project Heal

COPE (Connecting Our Paths Eternally)

The Dead Baby Club

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope

Facets Of Life - What I Didn't Expect When I was Expecting


First Candle

Garden of the Sleeping Angels

Gone too soon - support for Miscarriage, stillborns and neonatal deaths

Grief Connect

Grief Journeys

Grieve Out Loud

Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back

Grieving Mothers

Grieving Mothers Memorial Garden

Grief Recovery - My Child Has Wings

Hannah's Law

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Heavenly Cards

Heaven's Nursery

Hiring for Hope and Job Angels, a Hiring for Hope Program

Hope for the Broken Hearted

How to Survive Your Grief When Someone You Love has Died

I Am A Mother To An Angel

Kindness Project (tm) of the MISS Foundation

Loss Doulas International

Let's Stop Maternal Smoking

Little Patch of Heaven Graphics

Love Letters to Heaven

Message Heaven

Minority Families of Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Miscarriage Blankets and more

Miscarriage, stillborn and child loss

MISS Foundation

Molliannas Mission

October 15th, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group - (Closed Group)

Precious Sleeping Angels (Closed Group)

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) - Learning to Cope

Silent Grief - Child Loss Support 

S.O.B.B.S. (Stories of Babies Born Still)

Special Angel Babies (Closed Group)

Star Bright Angels

Star Legacy Foundation

Still Affected

Still at Birth 

Stillbirth Research & Education - Star Legacy Foundation

Stillbirth Support

Sweet Pea Project

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Treasure Beans

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Writing Through your Grief