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Our eMagazines (we call then eZines) are amazing, practical resources that delve into one topic offering advice, suggestions, stories, and resources galore.  These lengthy, in depth magazines are between 15-29 pages and can be very helpful for your loss program or for your personal use.  $12 each; watch for discounts.  They can be purchased at the Healing Hearts Shop

We guarantee our products for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

Available eZines in our eShop: 

#1 Mother/Father's Day and Other Resources - clothing, books, retreats

#2 Support Groups - starting groups, running groups, types of groups, energizing groups

#3 Hospital Experience and Making Memories - Painting the picture of how to make the best hospital experience become a foundation to healing, clinics, ultrasound, news delivery, memory-making, saying goodbye, books and other resources

#4 Miscarriage - parents rights, advice, miscarriage laws, disposition, testing, resources…

#5 Healthy Grieving - what is good grief and normal grieving, to medicate or grieve, grief metaphors, role of memories, many grief experts quoted

#6 Planning Goodbyes - Lots of resources on funeral/memorial planning including coffins, urns, gowns, reading materials, and many suggestions

#7 Subsequent Pregnancy - Practical suggestions, articles and stories, top concerns, and resources

#8 Couple Communication - Short and longer term issues, suggestions, stories, and resources

#9 Comprehensive Continuity of Care with Intention through the Entire Loss Situation - Sentiment and attitude, words affect care and healing; one of the best issues for both caregivers and the bereaved

#10 The Healing Arts - Ideas for hospitals and beyond to help families heal using creative arts as outlets for pain and loss

#11 Grief and the Workplace - Exploration of leave benefits, laws, advice, and resources

#12 Family & Friends - How to help parents after a loss, very practical advice and guidance with many specifics

#13 Children and Grief - Helping siblings after a baby's death, stories, suggestions, and lots of books

#14-15 A Resource Guide - For families and caregivers, includes 27 pages of support resources such as Facebook groups, blogs, organizations, websites, literature, and more

#16 BIG Initiatives and Projects - Studies which could lead to awareness and prevention, legislation, miscarriage initiatives, Stop Stillbirth ASAP Coalition, and so much more 

eZines are purchased at our Healing Hearts eShop $12 each.  Subscriptions are available $34.99/Individual   $54.99/Institution (multiple copies to share with others)