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Holidays and Special Days

Below are a few ideas for holidays and special days which can be very challenging and difficult to contemplate.  In fact, the time leading up to the day may be worse than the actual day.  This is especially true if you make some plans and take a little control.  At least that is one way to approach it.   You may wish to read more about this subject in our booklet Coping with Holidays and Family Celebrations in our eShop.

Think about what you might want to do, then go for it.  A few examples from the booklet--

  • Buy a special candle for your baby and take it with you when you go to relatives homes during the holidays.
  • Send a card or email or announce on Facebook what you are hoping this day will be like, what you wish others to do or say (or not do or say), how much you love/miss/adore your baby, and any other messages you wish to share.
  • Donate toys that are the same age as your child would be.  There may be a toy drop off spot especially at holiday time, homeless and abused women's shelters, Salvation Army, or other local charities.
  • Plant some flowers or bulbs, visit a garden or park, release butterflies or (biodegradable) balloons, invite family and friends over for a memory-sharing gathering, give each person a memento or flower bulb or angel pin/little statue/jewelry...