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"Life is a circle, of giving love and being loved, of giving care and receiving care, a circle of unending compassion,"
from the book, Giving Care, Taking Care, S. Ilse


Thank you for offering your compassion and care to families in need. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t do this work and you wouldn’t need to visit our site. Bless you for the important gifts you give parents who face the most devastating tragedy, the death of their child.

Do you ever feel helplessness and confusion about your role?  Like many, you may feel you have enough experience to get a taste of what is going on and what you can be doing, yet you may feel inadequate given the depth of need and the importance of ‘doing’ this right with families.

You realize they only get one chance to experience their baby 'well'; there are no ‘do-overs’. How will you insure that they get your very best, as you help them minimize their regrets and maximize their memories with their baby and their family?

Do you wonder what to say or not to say? Do you wish you had a toolbox full of specific ideas for supporting families with lots of ideas to honor and commemorate their precious baby who has died.  Are you looking for some specific resources?  Is it expected that you are to do this work with few hours and limited resources?

Even if you have had the training and experience that helps you give comprehensive care, you may still have needs and concerns. You may wonder where to get some special books, audio-visuals, gifts, or mementos, or additional education. Or maybe you want to know about the organizations that offer funeral/grave marker financial support. You may like to be kept current on what is happening in the perinatal loss world in regards to research, new ideas, films, new literature or projects, or even legislation. You will find much of that on our site.

Do you need a speaker or consultant to analyze your program and make recommendations for program improvements or packets for the bereaved families? You have come to the right place.Visit our Babies Remembered Consulting section to learn what services we provide who we have on board our team. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you. Send your bio and some information about why you want to join and what you would like to do. We do careful screening to find just the right mix of professionals and parent advocates. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Within our site, you will find many practical and time-tested thoughts, ideas, suggestions, literature, resources, and bits of wisdom.

We also invite you to be an Angel Watcher—people who send us recommended resources and ideas that are not presently on our site. Thank you for helping us improve.

On our site you will find

  • Books and materials for you to read and view (from our Healing Hearts Shop or electronically). Some are specifically for you (like Giving Care, Taking Care: Support for the Helper, Presenting Unexpected Outcomes: A Childbirth Educator’s Guide) and some are for parents and family members
  • Speakers for support groups, inservices, or conferences
  • Research and surveys you can learn from and ones that your patients can take on cause and prevention as well as bereavement support and grief/loss/healing
  • Educational events such as conferences, workshops, inservices and Remembering Events such as Walks to Remember, Memorial programs, and Balloon Launches
  • Organizations that offer help to the families 
  • Organizations that support professionals and parent advocates such as  PLIDA (Perinatal Loss and Infant Death Association for professionals and parent advocates),
  • Nonprofits that offer burial help such as the Tears Foundation, Wings of Love Memorial Fund, or Angel Names Association
  • Sharing pages for remembering babies who touched you and your colleagues
  • Standards of perinatal loss care ( eZine #3 Hospital Experience and Making Memories and eZine #9 Comprehensive Continuity of Care with Intention, and MRSA Guidelines after Perinatal Loss)
  • Consultants who can help you create, analyze, and enhance organizations and programs in hospitals, clinics, churches...  They can also tailor an educational program or inservice to help staff give better care and practice good self-care
  • Updates, initiatives, opportunities to volunteer and offer help, resources, as as well as networking opportunities

You can reach us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.