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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   Margaret Mead


If you are a parent, you may wonder at times--Was my baby’s death in vain?  Will nothing more come of it than sorrow and pain?  Is there something I can do to help others so their experience will be better?  Can I give my child a voice, a way to be remembered and honored?

As a family member or dear friend, do you find your self struggling to figure out your role and how you can make a difference to honor the sacredness of this little life that has now changed everything?  

Maybe as a care provider you wish to do more than care for people at the time of their loss.   

It is possible that you are not happy with the experience as you saw it, feeling that changes need to occur. Or you wonder what can be done to reduce the loss of these precious lives.


Get Involved

 Getting involved in something positive and productive might be the thing to do.  Many of us have, and it changed our lives.  Be thoughtful and careful about jumping into or starting something that recreates wheels which then becomes competition for existing groups and organizations.  We all need to be working together, in communication with each other as much as possible for the good of the cause, so we can focus on building awareness and offering service to families.  The more we do this, the more strong the message can become.

Find a group to work with

There are many, many nonprofit organizations, groups, and websites which give you ways to honor your baby, to donate money to, or to give time to an initiative that is close to your heart.  We have an extensive list for you to check out.  LINK HERE 

Sometimes parents think that because they did not receive certain services or care, that it does not exist at all, and they must now create something new.  Rarely is that true these days.  You would be amazed at what service projects and groups are out there doing things that you never knew about—dolls and bears the weight of your baby, stuffed animals made out of your baby’s clothing and blankets, peer support and parent advocates waiting to help the newly bereaved, jewelry makers, stone painters, heart sewers, pillow-making people, memory-box makers, authors (there are books for almost every subject on this topic waiting to be discovered), research and education groups, story-sharing sites, support groups, chat groups, blogs, Facebook groups, foot/hand print kits, music and funeral planning resources...  Consider starting here before starting something new.  Check out our Resource Link and then visit the web.  

 For example--

The Sweet Pea Project collects items to put in a bag or basket to give to parents in the hospital.  They have a number of chapters and you could start one in your area if it doesn't exist already or just simply work with them, rather than start a whole new entire nonprofit organization with all the complications, boards, paperwork, and need for ongoing money.   

Another example is that people wish to make baby gowns (or tiny, tiny cute cloth diapers) to donate to the hospital so they struggle with good patterns that work for these babies.  There are many groups and organizations that do that (Threads of Love, Angel Layettes, etc.)  You will see a good list in our Resource section.   


The Star Legacy Foundation, First Candle and a couple of other organizations are looking at causes, risk reduction, and prevention.  They would love your help raising money, support of research, help with studies, and so much more.  While they both have education and awareness components, they are two of the few groups that actually fund researchers and do studies.

You may want to honor a baby or create a legacy. There are a number of ways to do that.  At Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope you can share a baby's story and read other stories. Searching for someone with a similar situation is quite easy.  Some organizations (Trisomy 18, Star Legacy Foundation, etc) offer Legacy pages on their site...a place where you can share your baby, pictures, memories, etc without having to do it all on your own.  Unless you want to, then go for it.

The Miss Foundation and National SHARE, and groups in the Sands UK, Sands Australia, and Sands NZ have support groups, raise awareness, produce helpful newsletters and materials, etc.   They can always use help.   There are miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal, SIDS, continuing and ending pregnancy groups. 

You will also find groups who promote the importance of Movement (kicks) counting to help reduce stillbirths, some who promote state and national legislation (Miss Foundation, First Candle, etc), others who give money to help families with funerals and burial products.  

Fill in the Gap

If you find there is a gap, an unfulfilled need, after looking at websites extensively and contacting some of us to help you learn about your favorite mission. then you should do it.  Fill it.   

Thank you for wanting to honor your baby or the babies of others, and to seek to make a positive difference for others. Join us in some way.

We need you in the cause!