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If you are looking for an event in your area or wish to register one that you are planning, visit  which is a site that attempts to keep the calendar up-to-date.

While planning an event for October, or any day of the year, it might be good to let other organizations know through social media or straight to their website.   They may be able to help you publicize it, especially in these days of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  There are no 'only local' events anymore.  We know of people who hold balloon launches, book drives, social events, candle lighting gatherings and have parents attending (virtually or in person) from all over.  You may very well locate a neighbor this way.  It is a small world.

Always remember your local news outlets.  Small papers are often looking for local news.  Why not raise the profile of this issue by getting things in your paper and on your local television access channel?  If you--attend a conference, have an opinion on a local or national infant loss issue, get something published by an organization or a website, hold a walk or awareness event--write a press release and send it in.  If you need help with writing a press release; check related websites for samples you can modify.  Ours is coming soon.