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"Life can be the same after a trinket
has been lost, but never after the loss of a treasure."

Paul Irion from the poem A Death Has Occurred

Thank you for visiting my website which has been designed to help parents and families who have experienced the devastation of a perinatal loss and infant death including: miscarriage (including ectopic pregnancy and blighted ovum), stillbirth, SIDS or early infant death. I also welcome care providers who offer medical, spiritual and emotional support to these families. When a baby dies, no matter the timing, hearts break and arms ache.

Please spend some time exploring my site--read my personal message, notice the resources, upcoming conferences, and links to other wonderful websites. Give thought to taking the surveys or helping with the projects that are featured. Feel free to send me your poetry and short stories for the Sharing Corner. In the section, Sherokee's Corner, I share some poetry, articles and personal information that you may find helpful in your journey.

Remember, you are not alone and you are not going crazy, even though there are likely times when you are convinced otherwise. Please know that literally thousands of us have survived the death of our babies, usually finding beautiful gifts and friendships over time. Email me if I can help in any way.

-- Sherokee Ilse, mom of miscarried baby Marama, stillborn son Brennan and ectopic pregnancy Bryna (along with the mother of two healthy sons)


Loss Doulas International™ (created by Sherokee Ilse and Dr. Pat Flynn) has developed an amazing, in depth, “Baby Loss Doula™” Certification Program! Every community needs well-trained, compassionate advocates to offer continuous care to bereaved parents from the time of the bad news…through the early days and weeks of grieving.

LDI makes birth planning and companioning available to families in need (more) when their child is to be born still, miscarried, or has a condition that is incompatible with life. Loss doulas assist parents and their support system from the time they learn of the diagnosis, through birth, planning of the memorial/funeral service. Certified or In Training Loss Doulas may be located at the website
816-830-9572 or 816-457-6930

Important Stillbirth Prevention & Support Events

Initiatives we are working on--
Please join us in any of the following.  If there are others you wish to add, email us.
1.  Make sure EVERY hospital gives out practical literature on the decisions that need to be made (seeing, holding, family pictures, involving children, etc) AND that explains the "why" of these decisions.  Well thought out decisions help in the recovery and are of support over time.
2. Don't rush to the hospital.  Doctors, clinics, and midwives could be giving support and resources for preparation, as well as reasons why not to rush to the hospital to deliver a baby who has died (unless mom's health is in danger). Check out our NEW service to find a Loss Doula/Parent Advocate who can help you immediately via phone or email, no matter where you are. You can receive help with preparation, decision-making, birth preferences planning, suggestions for memory-making, hospital discharge planning, grief and healing, return to work issues, etc..
3. Parents have the right to have their baby at home for some hours after death, or to die.
4. Parents have the right to receive literature, support, pictures, and mementos at the time of a miscarriage. 
If you wish to help with these initiatives or have others you want to add, email us.
Want to be a Peer Support to help other moms or dads?
Sherokee speaks up on what a Peer Support Parent (Befriender) is and how to become one. 
As a trainer for the past few decades on the topic of preparing bereaved family members to become befrienders to newly bereaved, she advocates the creation of such programs throughout communities.  This brief (5 minute) discussion explains what a peer support program is, why it is important, and a little about the training she conducts in person and over the phone.  According to a recent study, Giving Birth to Death, S. Pullen, parents expect and want doctors, midwives, and their hospital caregivers to give them a peer support contact.  This parent, who has been there, can be a patient advocate and a listener during the experience and/or over the days, weeks, and months that follow.  This gives parents a chance to 'give back' and make some meaning of their baby's short life while touching the hearts of those in need.  For more information on peer support, email Sherokee.
Introducing a newly created Consulting Practice. (more ...)

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If you need any of our books/booklets right away please call and email us (so we can be sure to give your request immediate attention).  Due to tight timing on decision-making, funeral decisions, involving other children...some families have offered to pay for a copy of the booklet or pages to be faxed to them.   We are open to meet your needs in this way.

Tim Nelson and Sherokee Ilse are excited to announce
that our new book--
Couple Communication is finished! (more ...)
Five Tips for a Healthier Pregnancy and Healthier Children
- Natural News (more ...)

UPCOMING Programs with Speaker Sherokee Ilse

Sherokee is in the process of organizing a number of inservices in the following areas.  Email her if you wish to receive more information to attend or to recommend to others.
Sept - Minneapolis (Loss Doula training)
October - Baltimore - Int'l Stillbirth Conference
October - Saskatoon and Regina Canada (Loss Doula training)
April '13 - Denver (Loss Doula training)
and many more programs TBA
If you wish to talk with her about setting up a seminar or inservice in your area or you wish to attend one of her workshops, contact her soon.

Perinatal Bereavement Consulting Now Available -
During the past year, I have been visiting hospitals.  I have met some really awesome, compassionate people and seen some well organized, beautiful programs.  As a result, we are now offering a consulting service where my colleagues and I share ideas, programs, suggestions, and assist the bereavement team in evaluating their program.  Using our Hospital Assessment Tool and the many sample materials, handouts, studies, and literature suggestions, we can tweak and tailor programs that best serve families, meet the needs of staff, and offer above and beyond the accepted standard of care.  Make sure your facility meets the standard.  Then,Help your hospital jump to a higher level of service.  Contact: today to learn more. (more ...)

Giving Care, Taking Care: Support for the Helpers CEU Home Study Units now available in store

The goals of this 4 CEU packet are to help professionals give compassionate care and prevent caregiver burnout. It encourages care providers to put themselves at the top of their list and to know the difference between a rescuer and a helper. My book, Giving Care, Taking Care is the core text. It is reader friendly and practical-based. Extensive handouts and short overviews of appropriate studies are included in the program. $40 for 4 CEUs, $20 for 2 CEUs.

Available in MN and any state that does not require accreditation organizations to sponsor CEUs. Soon it will be available for all states.


First Candle and the Babykick Alliance are asking that you write a letter to your Representative asking them to co-sponsor a bill to raise awareness about stillbirth that seeks to standardize the definition of stillbirth, and the method in which stillbirth data is collected, so there can be a national repository for stillbirth data with which to conduct comprehensive research efforts ... (more ...)

Attention Support Group Leaders

We invite you to take our 10 question survey on your support group.  Some communities have thriving groups and others have trouble with participation.  Once we have the results of this survey, we will share the results.  We will also share what seems to work to help groups thrive offering tips and techniques that leaders find effective. Thank you. 
Please share this letter with other support group leaders. Sherokee (more ...)

Our new Perinatal Loss Confidence/Competency Survey for hospital staff can help you determine the level of competency within your team.  This self-assessment, written by Suzanne Helzer, RN and Sherokee Ilse, can be used to determine areas of strength and areas for additional training.  You could use it as a pre and post test to a seminar, or as a supervisory tool.  We would love to hear your feedback on how you used it and its success.  Any suggestions are also welcome.


3D Hand/Foot Molds

Directions for 3D Hand/foot molds, with where to order the materials, can be found here...

Do you need a speaker for professionals or families on bereavement?

Read more here on why Sherokee speaks on this special topic, where she speaks, some of her favorite topics, and how to arrange for her to come to your community.

The International Stillbirth Alliance needs your help!

You can support and network with a relatively new and exciting organization - the International Stillbirth Alliance. This organization, founded by stillbirth parents, promotes research, advocacy, awareness, and education on stillbirth. (more ...)

Let's make Certificates of Birth resulting in Stillbirth available in every state!

Watch this video, check the Miss Foundation website, then contact your state's coordinator and offer to help. Every parent deserves a certificate of birth when a baby is born still.

If your state does not yet offer an official certificate, you may want a hand calligraphied souvenir Certificate of Birth. They are newly available in our catalog. Sherokee will calligraphy them especially for you.

Do you wish to be a distributor of Sherokee's books?  Would you like to be trained and mentored by Sherokee to speak publicly to nurses, hospitals, clergy, funeral directors...?

Contact her for more information.

New Items in Catalog

Check out our new items in our catalog- miscarriage poem, souvenir certificate of birth, subsequent pregnancy gift package, Baby Tears CD, and more..

Hospital Care Providers and Parents
Do you know what the guidelines for medical professionals are when a baby dies?

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau's approved document, written by nurses with support from bereaved parents who were on the SIDS-OID Program Support Center is a good starting place. Many hospitals go far beyond these guidelines. Please check out these written policies and guidelines, then compare them with your hospital's and make sure that they are thorough and sensitive to the needs of bereaved families.

Deeply discounted books available

We need to clear out our inventory of 2 titles which are
slightly damaged (front covers have marks)--
Empty Arms and
Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream

Offer lasts until the books are gone. More details here.

Funeral Home Survey

Help families have information to better plan their babies' services. You may use this survey to gather information from your local funeral homes.  The information can then be collated and given to hospitals to share with families shortly after their baby dies.  In this way, they can make an informed choice rather than just selecting a funeral home from the phone book.
(more ...)

Funeral/Cemetery help

Organizations dedicated to assisting families of stillborn children through programs designed to provide financial assistance for end-of-life expenses
(more ...)

Song for Compassionate Friends

Song by George Canyon done for Compassionate Friends, My Name (about a baby who dies)

Research Studies

  • What helps and does not help newly bereaved families in the hospital? (more ...)
  • Medical bad news delivery and the communications between patients and care providers about their diagnosis
    (more ...)
  • Cosmetics and household products used during pregnancy could damage unborn babies (more ...)
  • How parents cope with pregnancy and infant loss and the use of internet support sites (more ...)


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Did you know there is an organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep that has a network of private photographers in communities around the country who will take beautiful pictures of families and babies when a baby dies for FREE?

New, translated material for medical, social work and clergy professionals in the hospital setting when a baby dies.

"I am so very sorry about the loss of your baby...Translations for caregivers in the acute setting."  This 3 ring binder has 100 yes/no questions for bereaved families who are in the hospital waiting for the translator to come.  The care provider can chose the language, point to questions and comments such as - "My name is ____________.  I have called for a translator.  Do you need anything?"  or "Are you in pain?"  or "Do you have someone you need to call?" or "Do you want to see your family?"  or "I am so sorry your baby has died.  We are here to help you."  The languages we have already are: Spanish, Hmong, Russian, French.  We are working on Somali.  We need some help with Chinese.  Are there other languages you need or can help with?  Let us know.  (Email button here).  Cost:  $150 which entitles you to make as many copies as you need for your facility (not to be shared  with other sister hospitals.  A discount will be offered if you need extra copies for other facilities within your organization.) Thank you (more ...)

If you Have a Miscarriage, Know Your Legal and Parental Rights

(more ...)

Exciting news for Minnesota parents!

May 13, 2005. The Missing Angels bill has passed unanimously in both the House and Senate this past week. (more ...)

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