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Support Group Survey


Dear Support Group Leader,
I have noticed over the past 3-5 years or so that a number of support groups have been closing down (of course, a few new ones also started up).  Even in my home area of Mpls - there used to be almost twice as many groups and now people have to travel quite far sometimes to attend one.  I've wondered if we are seeing an overall decrease. Also, as I speak with facilitators I sense a frustration where they worry that attendance is going down and they don't know how to help keep it up.  Meanwhile, I know of groups whose attendance is still up and they are willing to share how they 'work' it to keep those numbers up.

As a result, I have decided to conduct a short survey of groups and learn what techniques, tips, and ideas the leaders use to keep their attendance up, even in this age of internet.  The  internet offers a wonderful private service to families, which is especially helpful for the middle of the night and 'off' times when parents really need to chat...or for those who just prefer to be at their computer as they seek support.  But websites and chat rooms do not totally take the place of sitting in a room with other moms and dads sharing and learning together. Both are important.

To this end, I am asking for your assistance.  If you help facilitate a group please take this short survey.  Also, if you know of any groups, please  forward this email group leaders.  This will help in a few ways.  
1. We'll access what is happening with support groups around the country (and world?)
2. We'll be able to expand our list of support groups with contact names (I'll share what I learn if you want to have the info.)
3.  Once we have the data, we'll report back what we learn in hopes that it will help those running groups or considering starting a group.

The link to take the 10 question survey is below.  This can be pasted onto a website for visitors to take or you can click on it and take it yourself.

Thank you for your assistance with this project.  Please share this with any other groups you can think of.

Sherokee Ilse

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