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Tim Nelson and Sherokee Ilse are excited to announce
that our new book--
Couple Communication is finished!

Do you know of bereaved couples who wish they could understand their partners better?
Who find themselves struggling at times?
Who seek insight about how to improve their communication during difficult days?

This new 104 page book can and will help couples at the time of their loss
and even months and years later.

(To order this book for an Introductory DISCOUNT and
to learn about our NEWLY REVISED Empty Arms book see our attached flyer)

Below are early reviews of this new resource that has the potential to change relationships, offer hope and encouragement, and promote healthy communication between partners who have suffered the ultimate loss.


Getting along as a couple, making decisions together, and understanding each others’
unique and different perspectives is critical to a healthy relationship—
“Finally, a book for couples...the authors speak from experience, no sugar coating, an honest, and authentic book for bereaved couples. Life, marriage, and relationships are difficult enough under normal circumstances, when a child dies the complexity and conflict of parental feelings are often insurmountable; this book has all the ingredients to help that relationship survive." 
Pam Magi RN, Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator since 1988

"As a father and a husband, men are often overlooked after the loss of a baby.  We are often thought of as the ones who must be strong and hide our feelings.  This book presents the issues that are seldom talked about-- a father’s needs, a husband’s needs, and the hardships that can impact a couple’s relationship following the loss of a child.  This can take a toll on the strongest of marriages and relationships.  I appreciate Tim and Sherokee’s more than 25 years of experience to help couples through this unthinkable tragedy.  It is a must read for any couple suffering through the loss of a son or daughter."
Ryan Doherty, Porter Ann’s Dad


 Our NEWLY, REVISED Empty Arms book 
will help newly bereaved parents make even better decisions, know their rights and options,
and find current resources in the 10 page Support section, while maintaining the effective
core messages from its original version!

(To order this book and the Couples' book for an Introductory DISCOUNT see our attached flyer)

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