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Couple Communication After a Baby Dies  (Discounted greatly for hospitals, clinics, etc)
Bereaved Parents often don't communicate their feelings and needs well, leading to confusion, ass..
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Effective, Empathetic Communications During A Crisis - Baby Loss Module 3 Lear..
Effective, Empathetic Communications During A Crisis - Baby Loss Module 3 Lear..
EMBRACE THE JOY: The art of guiding baby loss parents to intentionally welcome their baby despite shock, heartache and fear
A NEW eBOOK for birth professionals, baby loss doulas, bereavement doulas and those who support b..
Empty Arms Audible Book
Empty Arms, the first and most important self-help book parents need as soon as they learn of the..
Empty Arms CE Home Study + Book
Empty Arms CE packet + Empty Arms book     $50 The goal of Empty Arms Continuing Ed..
Empty Arms CE Home Study Course
The goals of Empty Arms Continuing Education Course are to help professionals understand the feel..
Empty Arms downloadable book
Empty Arms, the first and most important book parents need to help them find affirmations and spe..
Extraordinary Comfort
Extraordinary Comfort, by David C Asay A true story written by the oldest son of Mary Lou Asa..
eZine Special offers you a discount if you purchase 4 eZines at a time.  Normally $8 each, o..
Giving Care CE Home Study Unit + book
The goals of this Giving Care Course are to help professionals give compassionate care ..
Giving Care, Taking Care: Support for the Helpers
by Sherokee Ilse This encouraging,unique book is written for the professional and lay person ..
Gold Standard Manual - Perinatal Loss
Where do hospitals begin when they want to improve their perinatal program or develop a new one? ..
GRIEF MENTOR   One-on-one Support and Care from Sherokee Ilse
$45/hour Through phone, email, or Facetime, you can have one hour with Sherokee Ilse, one of ..
Grieving Grandparents
An exploration of the complicated loss grandparents feel as they try to comfort and support their..
Heart Stones
Heart Stones for a pocket, a purse, or a special place in the home, the car, the o..
I Am Here, and I Care ... Translations for caregivers in the acute setting.
This 3 ring binder has 100 yes/no questions for bereaved families who are in the hospital waiting..
I Hardly Knew You...What Happens Next?
REDUCED by 50% (originally $50)  Buy it today.  When we are out, we are out! A DVD ..
This small, hand held device is a clicker that you use each time your baby moves during a short p..
LDI Membership
LDI Annual Membership Keep your membership up each year to receive discounted books and to ha..