I Hardly Knew You...What Happens Next?

I Hardly Knew You...What Happens Next?
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A DVD with two 'videos' and handouts for both staff and newly bereaved parents.  One is for the staff to better support parents who have been told their baby has died (including miscarriage and stillbirth and those who continue or terminate a pregnancy).   The DVD makes suggestions on how to help families slow things down (when possible) at the time of their loss and in the hours and days that follow.  It is 10 minutes. 

Staff are encourged to use the 'Parent Chapter' (19 minutes) as a bridge between the news and the next steps.  So many people rush (or are rushed) off to the hospital with no time to catch their breath, make a plan, hear what is to happen, pack a back, get any children settled, and contact family, friends, and even work.  This type of respectful treatment of parents ought to be happening everywhere...so it can start here.  

Many clinics and hospitals have used the video with parents soon after the news, then offered them help with creating a Birth Preferences Plan both of which can encourage them to take a bit of time before heading to the hospital for induction of labor or any other procedures.  Nurses, Doctors, Midwives, and parents have told us how amazing it was to have parents with a bit more control and how they were able to take them to higher levels of decision-making because they were not still in the middle of the tragedy or 'accident scene.'   Some space, time, help from others, and planning really can make all the difference as to how families move through this difficult place.

In addition to the DVD, there are handouts for both the staff and the parents which can be reproduced.  They offer a detailed summary of what is in the DVD as another way to help them retain the information (hearing, reading, and watching the DVD can help more than just a staff member talking during this shocking time.)

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