They Were Still Born

They Were Still Born
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"... Courageous, moving accounts from the fierce front lines of infant loss are filled with rare beauty and insistent love. They were Still Born will help heal the bereaved and illuminate a culture that has for too long closed its eyes to the pain and devastation of stillbirth..." - Lorraine Ash, author of Life Touches Life: A Mother's Story of Stillbirth and Healing.  Many well-known names in the infant loss field (authors, researchers, fathers, and leaders) share a significant piece of their story.   Nothing quite like this book!   Very affirming and enlightening; helps parents realize the normalcy of grief and that there is hope.

The book also has a significant section on stillbirth causes and prevention including emerging research - on cord/placenta problems, fetal growth restriction, infection, decreased movement/kick counting, and more.

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