Are you sad, Mommy?

Are you sad, Mommy?
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Are You Sad, Mommy?  Stories for children when their baby brother or sister dies in miscarriage, stillbirth, or later loss

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These stories are for children who need to learn about, and talk about, the death of their baby sister or brother in miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or SIDS.

It is also a book for parents who need support and guidance in learning how to speak about the unspeakable with their surviving and/or subsequent (rainbow) children.

Bringing the conversation about death into the lives of ‘innocent’ children is a hard thing for parents and grandparents to do.  Bursting their bubble, watching them cry, wondering what they are thinking, and hearing their questions and concerns over the years about this deep and important loss in their lives somehow may seem wrong and is painful for loving adults to see.

If tragedy never struck and if no loved one or pet ever died, these deep conversations would not be necessary.  The ‘happy’ world children live in could stay just that way.  Sadly, that is not reality.  Throughout their lives, there will be pain, suffering and yes, death.  It is your job as a parent to help them through this.  And you can do it.  Many of us have not wanted to, yet have felt grateful that when we did bring it up, it went better than we thought.  And we found that when once the door is opened, the conversations keep coming and are usually so special and become almost normal after a little bit.

While today was not the day you wanted to do so, despite it all, it is upon you.  Please don’t try to protect them from the truth and the reality right now.  They ‘know’ that something is amiss and they will make up reasons (often that it is their fault or your fault) and will not go through this unscathed.  This is your chance to be the one to help, to guide, to model.  Take a breath. Believe you can do this.  Do some preparation.  And take the dive…with this book as an aide.
‘But I don’t know what to say!’ you may think.  Probably no one has taught you how to do this tough job well.  This book of stories is meant to assist you in this important role you have as responsible adults who love them.

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