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Brochure - Bring Baby Home After Death   A one time $35 fee allows clinics, hospitals, churches, synogagues, and funeral homes to make multiple copies as you wish. 

A 4 fold brochure that empowers parents to learn their personal rights within the laws of their state or country.  Most parents have the right to bring their baby (child) home after death either by self-transport, family transport, or by funeral directors.  The brochure tells why this can be helpful and healing, practical ways on how to do this, and even offers family and friends advice and guidance on how to support families who have their baby in their homes for some time.  A common occurrence in our families' history, this is also common within many cultures such as Amish, Native American... and many countries including New Zealand, Holland and many developing countries.  

Clinics and hospitals are encouraged to support family wishes and share this brochure with parents whether they ask about their child being at home with them after death.  Most parents do not even realize this is an option.  Home is a safe, secure, comfortable place for families to meet and be with their child as they say hello and espeically as they prepare to say goodbye.


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