GRIEF MENTOR One-on-one Support and Care from Sherokee Ilse

GRIEF MENTOR   One-on-one Support and Care from Sherokee Ilse
GRIEF MENTOR   One-on-one Support and Care from Sherokee Ilse
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Through phone, email, or Facetime, you can have one hour with Sherokee Ilse, one of the pioneers in the area of baby loss.  She has worked passionately in the area of child loss and grief and bereavement for 3 decades; her life mission continues with this NEW SERVICE for family members.  

"I love to spend time with parents or family members who know all too well the heartache of having a baby or older child die.   As a Grief Mentor, I offer you a chance to know you are not alone and to discuss any concerns you might have. It might be how to make decisions in the beginning, how to parent your baby in pregnancy or death while they are on earth and how to parent them forever once their bodies are not in your arms.  Or it could be couple communication issues, how to help your children, dealing with family and friends who may not quite understand you, holidays, due dates, anniversaries, going back to work (or not), sharing your special memories, concerns about how to be a supportive grandparent, and so much more. During our call (Facetime is an option) I offer a listening ear, my heart, my hugs, my experience, guidance if you wish, and I can share resources. .After personally meeting and corresponding with thousands of parents and other family members over the past 3 decades, there is so much I can offer to you!"   

Sherokee has chosen to be a Grief Mentor to only 3-4 people per month in order to give you her best attention and care...expect inspiration, conversation, empowerment, encouragement and hope.  Let the wisdom fly.  Feel the hugs and love!

Sign up for one, two, three or more sessions by increasing the quantity in your Cart. 

To be clear, this is NOT a counseling session.  

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