Stillbirth and other Infant Loss

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eZine #6 Planning Goodbyes
Planning Goodbyes - Lots of resources on funeral/memorial planning including coffins, urns, gowns..
eZine #7 Subsequent Pregnancy
Subsequent Pregnancy - Practical suggestions, articles and stories, top concerns, and resources. ..
eZine #8 Couple Communication
Couple Communication - Short and longer term issues, suggestions, stories, and resources. ..
eZine #9 Comprehensive Continuity of Care with Intention
Comprehensive Continuity of Care with Intention  Sentiment and attitude, words affect care a..
eZine #11 Grief and the Workplace
Grief and the Workplace - Exploration of leave benefits, laws, advice, and resources. ..
eZine #12 Family & Friends
Family & Friends - How to help parents after a loss, very practical advice and guidance with ..
eZine #13 Children and Grief
Children and Grief - Helping siblings after a baby's death, stories, suggestions, with lots and l..
eZine #14-15 A Resource Guide
A Resource Guide - For families and caregivers, includes 27 pages of support resources such as Fa..
eZine #16 BIG Initiatives and Projects
BIG Initiatives and Projects - Studies which could lead to awareness and prevention, legislation,..